ponedjeljak, 21. svibnja 2012.

Pro-Ject TT on Bamboo

This RPM 1.3 is cute little bargain turntable. However I found few issues that just needed to be fixed so the unit could perform the best it can. Here is why;
Very light boomerang base with the useless resonant ring on the left side, also the motor with its' 300 g. is hardly "self-standing" unit, plastic cones are silly and last but not the least very cheap RCA sockets.  

I've fixed that all with this modification; new RCA silver plated sockets, new Cardas tonearm wire with silver clips for the head, boomerang base lost its useless ring, and it's been fixed tight on the new Bamboo plinth, so the whole unit (excluding the motor) has 6,200 g. Motor itself is inside the metal ring, sitting on top of heavy metal base - 1.430 g.
Needless to say much about huge improvement in sound. Stability is not the issue anymore, vibrations are reduced to a minimum and three rubber feet holds the whole unit much better than spikes.
This is in fact how I wanted this turntable to look, and perform.

May, 21.2012